Minimum requirements

GMDSS ships are required to carry the following minimum equipment:

  • A VHF radio installation capable of transmitting DSC on channel 70, and radiotelephony on channels 16, 13 and 6. (see Note 1).
  • One SART if under 500 GRT, 2 SARTs if over 500 GRT.
  • Two portable VHF transceivers for use in survival craft if under 500 GRT, three if over 500 GRT. ( of the approved type with lithium batteries )
  • A NAVTEX receiver, if the ship is engaged on voyages in any area where a NAVTEX service is provided. ( approved type )
  • An Inmarsat C  EGC receiver, if the ship is engaged on voyages within Inmarsat coverage  Areas ,and by NAVTEX or HF NBDP at Areas not covered by Inmarsat A4 (see note 2).
  • A 406 MHz or 1.6 GHz EPIRB

Radio equipment - Sea area Al

Every ship engaged on voyages exclusively in sea area A1 shall be provided with the minimum equipment specified previously, with the option to replace the 406 EPIRB with a VHF DSC EPIRB.