The brands of “Raytheon” and “Anschütz” have long tradition and are well known in the maritime market. The tradition has already started in the year 1904, when Dr. Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe invented the gyro compass. One year later he founded the company “Anschütz & Co” in Kiel, Germany.

 Anschütz became famous for the gyro compass, but also for high-precision autopilots and manual steering control systems for almost any requirements. In 1995 Anschütz was acquired by the Raytheon Company (USA) , a leader in defense electronics, and belongs to the Integrated Defense Systems division.

Today, Raytheon Anschütz is one of the leading suppliers of Intergrated Navigation Systems and nautical equipment for all kinds of commercial vessels, mega yachts, naval ships and submarines. The product range comprises gyro compasses and ring-laser gyros, manual steering controls and autopilots, radars for navigation and surveillance, electronic chart display and information systems, conning displays, multifunctional workstations, full integrated bridge and navigation systems and specialized equipment for naval vessels and submarines.

For all products the important processes of research & development, production, quality management, project management, and service coordination are centralized at the headquarters in Kiel. For worldwide operations, Raytheon Anschütz maintains a large network of 80 sales partners and more than 200 service stations close to the world’s leading shipbuilders and alongside all important shipping routes.