VDR 4360

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VDR 4360
Marine Bridge Equipment
Wärtsilä SAM Electronics

As a leading systems integrator, SAM Electronics is constantly striving for improvements to the safety of navigation. The new VDR 4360 emphasises such expertise through integration of an integrated navigation system with VDR combined with the requirements of the new VDR Performance Standard MSC. 333(90). Especially designed for the current navigation system NACOS Platinum family 1x00 and NACOS xx-5, the VDR 4360 also offers backwards compatibility to the former generation's of navigation systems NACOS xx-4/5.

Up until now, the VDR functioned as an additional black box with separate interfaces to each required sub-system. The VDR 4360 changes this approach and offers the benefits from true integration of the VDR into the complete navigation system.

Essential VDR 4360 functions are operated via the RADARPILOT, thus combining user-friendly operation with improved situational awareness all in a cost effective, tailor-made state-of-the art solution. The VDR comes as a scalable solution at a competitive price suitable to all kinds of new buildings and retrofits over the complete market range. The modular and Ethernet based solution (incl. power over Ethernet) requires minimum space and wiring and allows fast and effective installations. The replay system is based on standard PC hardware and offers fast and easy access to downloaded data. Once the VDR is connected to a SATCOM system online replay as well as remote maintenance of the VDR is available. The VDR 4360meets all requirements of the new VDR performance and test standards MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1.


  • Navigation sensor data and digital radar and ECDIS image via Ethernet
  • Remote operating (alarm handling) by means of SAM Radar (1x00, Platinum and future products)
  • Harmonized user interface
  • Available as cabinet mounted solution
  • Replay system online / offline (onboard as well as onshore)
  • Remote maintenance and online replay
  • VHF Interface prepared for two channels