Synchro Retransmission Interface - Low Voltage

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Synchro Retransmission Interface - Low Voltage
Marine Bridge Equipment
AMI Marine (UK) Ltd

The KW903-SX is a very precise, medium power synchro retransmission system.

This system accepts NMEA 0183 heading data input and data from a magnetic compass or Cetrek system

Output ratios range from 1:1 to 360:1 therefore this product is compatable with most repeater systems. The reference voltage output is selectable between 55V and 110V with a maximum phase output voltage of 50VAC.

As a specific example of an application the KW903-SX is a perfect partner for Anschutz repeater systems which require a 25VAC phase signal.

The KW903-SX output is very precise which will give 360 values per revolution at most ratios.

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