SATLOG SLS 4120 Speed Log System

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SATLOG SLS 4120 Speed Log System
Marine Bridge Equipment
Wärtsilä SAM Electronics

SATLOG SLS 4120 - the BSH - type approved speed log system according to IMOperformance standard for SDME (Speed and Distance Measuring Devices) measures and displays with speed over ground.Speed through water information can be displayed by connecting a watertrack log.


  • Worldwide precise speed determination without differential signals
  • High adaptive double-end ferry mode
  • Supporting of docking manoeuvres by calculating also the rate of turn and tranversal speed at stern by interfacing a gyro compass
  • Measurement of speed over ground in the longtidunal and transversal ship direction


  • Standard speed accuracy of 0.2 knots
  • Speed accuracy of 0.1 knots in differential mode
  • Multitrack differential beacon receiver
  • Comfortable configuration, maintenance and update of the SLS 4120 via the integrated web interface using web browser
  • Ready for remote maintenance due to the Ethernet interface
  • Integrated 24V DC power supply for external components