SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband

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SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband
Maritime L Band

Inmarsat's new Voice Distress Calling service provides full priority access in both ship-shore and shore-ship communication in emergency situations, together with pre-emption for distress priority calls initiated by activation of the 'red button'. Essentially, the service is able to interrupt any non-urgent calls once the distress button has been activated and gives full priority to subsequent emergency communications and so improve safety onboard.

Cobham  is the first manufacturer to offer a system to take advantage of this new safety service - the new SAILOR 3771 Alarm Panel FleetBroadband.

System Benefits

  • Easy Installation and ‘Red button’ Alerting on proven technology
  • Pre-Emption and Priority calling
  • True Maritime Hardware (IEC 60945 and 60950)
  • Dimming functionality
  • Test functionality
  • ThraneLINK Enabled
  • Cobham SATCOM Worldwide Service Network