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Iridium Go
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Powered by Iridium's truly global network, this ruggedized and portable unit extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere on the planet.

For travellers, businesses, governments and NGOs, or for anyone who is on the move – Iridium GO! creates a reliable global connection for voice and data communications on all personal devices.

Iridium Go! Key Benefits

  • Iridium pole-to-pole coverage
  • Global voice and data communications
  • Versatile communications solution: voice calls, SMS, email access, social networks, photo sharing, GPS tracking, SOS alert, etc.
  • Compatible with smartphones (Apple and Android), laptops and tablets
  • Easy to set-up: simply flip up the integrated antenna and the unit will automatically connect to the Iridium network
  • Multi-user capability: the Wi-Fi hotspot can connect up to 5 devices
  • Affordable solution: one worldwide rate for calling, eliminates cellular roaming charges.