Horizon MF Gyro Compass (HRG)

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Horizon MF Gyro Compass (HRG)
Maintenance-Free Compasses

Horizon MF is Raytheon Anschütz’ new maintenance-free gyro compass system. It uses so called Hemispherical Resonator Gyros (HRGs) to measure angular rates and accelerations in three axes. Based on these measurements sophisticated software algorithms compute heading but also roll and pitch.

Horizon MF comes as a maintenance-free (MF) sensor with an outstanding lifetime performance. Its Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) value is more than 100,000 hours which is a multiple of the MTBF values of other solid-state compasses (such as FOGs) but also classical mechanical gyros bringing forth an outstanding long lifetime and long-term stability gyro compass for seagoing vessels.

Being designed as a modular system, Horizon MF can be extended to a heading management system by using an operator unit and a distribution unit. Anschütz Standard 22 gyro compasses, satellite compasses and magnetic compasses can be added.

Facts & Features

  • Maintenance free
  • High accuracy of 0.4 degrees
  • Settling time only one hour
  • Roll and pitch output
  • Automatic speed / latitude error correction
  • Heading monitor and selector with automatic switch-over (configurable)
  • Independent transmitting magnetic compass (TMC) path
  • Individual speed error correction
  • Integration of gyro, satellite and magnetic compasses
  • Rate-of-turn output
  • IMO approved for standard and High-Speed crafts
  • Modular product range to meet individual requirements
    - from a single gyro compass to the fully redundant gyro compass system
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing system environment due to a multitude of interfaces and formats