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Communication Systems

The EXPLORER 7100GX enables users to access the Inmarsat Global Xpress® ka-band network. This auto-acquire, drive-away antenna system allows personnel with little satellite experience to easily configure and operate this terminal enabling the user to access any broadband application over satellite.

Life-long performance

EXPLORER 7100 provides reliable, hassle-free operation with the minimum amount of regular maintenance. This is achieved through the use of an industry-leading, zero-backlash Az/El cable drive and precision polarisation drive, which, combined with Cobham’s commitment to high quality manufacturing, results in high reliability.

Precise auto-deploy system

The EXPLORER 7100GX antenna ensures the simplicity and convenience of one-touch control for hassle-free configuration and superior portability. The controller has built-in RF Tuner, Compass, GPS, GLONASS and inclined orbit satellite tracking for precise and convenient drive-away VSAT operations. EXPLORER 7100GX’s satellite auto-acquisition can easily be configured and remotely monitored via the user-friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) on a standard web browser - no need for a separate display.

Low-cost, low-profile

The compact, affordable, low-profile EXPLORER 7100GX motorised antenna can be swiftly mounted onto virtually any vehicle for convenience and adaptability. The system features a versatile mounting pallet with an optional roof rack or rail interface for easy installation on a variety of smaller vehicles including SUVs and vans.

System Features
• Compact auto-deploy, drive-away system
• 1.0m composite resin/fiber offset reflector
• Extremely Low Backlash Cable Drive System
• Ka Band feed chain with 5W BUC
• Integrated Inmarsat GX® Core Module