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An M2M revolution

Based on the highly regarded EXPLORER BGAN technology platform, EXPLORER 540’s unmatched reliability and unique approach of offering the option to transfer data by satcom or cellular networks ushers in a mini-revolution for the world of M2M communication.

EXPLORER 540 is the only Inmarsat BGAN M2M terminal to offer dual mode operation, which provides flexibility and M2M data communication cost-control, as it ensures the most cost-effective communication service can be chosen depending on location or application.

Reliable, always available M2M

Securing continuity of M2M IP data transfer, which often originates in hard to reach, remote locations, dual-mode operation delivers significant failover capabilities with automatic switching between BGAN and cellular networks.

For organisations transferring critical real-time data within their M2M networks for applications including IP SCADA for data backhaul, asset tracking, real-time surveillance and remote telemetry, EXPLORER 540’s dual mode provides unmatched service availability.

The BGAN M2M Service

Inmarsat BGAN M2M leverages BGAN to provide a reliable, global, two-way IP data service. It is designed to connect monitoring and control applications in remote, unmanned locations, providing visibility and management of those assets.

By combining BGAN M2M with cellular connectivity in the same terminal, EXPLORER 540 gives users the opportunity to choose the best carrier for any location, and brings with it significant cost, installation and reliability benefits not found in other BGAN M2M terminals.

Rugged, compact, feature-rich

By their very nature, M2M applications require hard-wearing, reliable and long-lasting communication terminals. EXPLORER 540 features a rugged design that supports reliable and secure IP data in even the harshest environments.

At 20 x 20 cm and just 1.6 kg, EXPLORER 540 is the smallest and lightest BGAN M2M terminal in the market today, despite it being the toughest and most feature rich. Its durable casing and a dust and water resistant IP66 design makes it the perfect choice for any kind of fixed installation outside or inside.


System features
• EXPLORER 540 is BGAN M2M certified and BGAN Class 2 Type Approved  for services such as BGAN Link
• Lightweight and rugged IP66 design ensures durability for outside mounting - no enclosure needed
• Polemount included in the package
• Simple to set up and operate
• Versatile power options with both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 10-32VDC input
• Two cable glands for easy installation of standard power and Ethernet cables into the back housing
• Remote management of the terminal via SMS including configuration, debugging, and access to the web interface
• The optional cellular 2G/3G/LTE Modem is an integrated part of the design
• Automatic failover between BGAN and the cellular network ensures continuous connectivity.