SharpEye™ Solid-State Radar

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SharpEye™ Solid-State Radar
Marine Bridge Equipment
Kelvin Hughes

SharpEye™ is a digital radar technology which is available both in X and S band frequencies. It is a radical and innovative departure from current marine navigation radar technology in that it has no magnetron and uses a coherent transmission which means that SharpEye™ is able to separate targets from clutter due to their differing radial velocity components. This extra dimension gives a significant performance advantage in detecting small targets in clutter resulting in safer ship operations.

SharpEye™ uses a solid-state power amplifier has a peak output power of just 170W and a duty of 10%. This contrasts with conventional magnetron based marine navigation radar systems which have a 30kW output and duty typically less than 0.05%.

SharpEye™ transmits relatively long pulses in order to illuminate targets with sufficient energy for detection. To provide the required short range performance, SharpEye™ transmits a patented sequence of pulses of differing length, with each pulse optimised to cover a specified but overlapping range scale.

The graphs below compare the performance of a conventional magnetron radar with that of SharpEye™, the performance advantage can be clearly seen. With no magnetron to routinely change, a 5 year warranty and exceptional performance, SharpEye™ has to be the world’s best radar.